County Ambassadors Program

County Ambassadors Program

The NCACC Board of Directors has approved the creation of a County Ambassadors Program. Designed and developed by staff members of Strategic Goal Team 1, the program recognizes commissioners who actively engage citizens and the media in understanding more about the role and importance of county government and supports 2011-12 NCACC President Kenneth Edge’s desire to increase awareness about county government.

Commissioners who make a minimum of 10 public speaking engagements per year where they discuss county government will be recognized as a County Ambassador.

County Ambassadors

Ronnie Beale, Macon County (2012)
Kenneth Edge, Cumberland County (2012)
Carl Ford, Rowan County (2012)
Fannie Greene, Northampton County (2014)
Viola Harris, Edgecombe County (2012 & 2013)
Zack Koonce, Jones County (2012)
Jennifer Roberts, Mecklenburg County (2012)

Frequently Asked Questions

How many speaking engagements must I make?
You must make at least 10 speaking appearances where you discuss county government.

Does the card have to be filled out completely before I send it in?
To be recognized as a county ambassador, the card must be filled out completely (i.e. 10 speaking engagements)..

Do appearances on television or radio programs count?
Yes, as long as your appearance on the program is related to discussing county government and not your campaign or another personal reason, such as promoting your business.

How do I get a copy of the PowerPoint presentation tailored for my county, or additional copies of the Welcome To Your County booklet, or a copy of the county government video?
Please contact Communications Director Todd McGee at (919) 715-7336, and he will email you a copy of the PowerPoint and/or send you additional copies of the booklet or video. If you need the materials for a specific speaking engagement, please try to make your request at least one week in advance.

Do campaign speeches count?
The short answer is no. However, if during your campaign speech, you do spend a considerable amount of time discussing what counties and county commissioners do, then it will be acceptable. If you are participating in a debate with other candidates or speaking at a candidates’ forum, then those appearances do not count.

How will County Ambassadors be recognized?
Upon receipt of your completed card, the NCACC will publish an article in CountyLines and send a news release detailing your accomplishment to your county to be distributed to the media at your next Board meeting. In addition, counties will be encouraged to recognize the commissioner at that meeting for his/her accomplishment.