About the Pool

  • The Pool is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of county commissioners and county management staff who are responsible for the strategic direction of the Pool.
  • As overseers of a nonprofit joint agency, the Board’s focus is on meeting the long-term needs of Pool members and not on short-term financial return.
  • Trustees are appointed to 3-year terms by the NCACC President.
  • Trustees must represent a participating member county.
  • Direction and authority is granted at quarterly meetings of the Board of Trustees, based on staff recommendations and feedback from individual members.

  • Membership is open to all counties and to certain other county-related agencies.
  • Package policy provides multiple lines of coverage in 1 policy.
  • The Pool initially offered general liability, auto liability, auto physical damage, crime and property coverages. The Pool expanded its coverage to include public officials and law enforcement in 1989 and, in 1992, at no cost to members, coverage of underground storage tanks was added.
  • The Pool has created its own coverage documents to meet the specific needs of the counties.
  • The coverage documents are reviewed annually for needed coverage enhancements based on claim issues or specific member needs.
  • Members’ contributions are experience rated, which means that a member’s own loss experience influences the contributions it will pay. This approach rewards members whose risk control activities have yielded reduced losses, and provides an incentive for members to initiate new efforts to control their liability and property losses.
  • Rates may also be reduced through upfront discounts and other considerations as determined by the Board of Trustees.
  • Members that choose to take advantage of a variety of available deductible options or who elect to participate in multiple Pools can realize additional savings.
  • To ensure that funds are available to meet the financial demands of claims and expenses, rates and loss reserves we are reviewed twice a year by an accredited actuarial firm. We further require an annual financial audit by a reputable Certified Public Accountant firm so members can be assured that the Pool is financially sound and solvent.
  • Real and personal property is regularly appraised at no cost to participating members with detailed reports provided to document values.
  • The Pool has a network of property adjusters across the state to respond to any property losses that occur. Sedgwick CMS also has specialized CAT teams to assist in case of major disasters.
  • Assistance is available to members on risk management issues regarding coverages, deductibles, contracts, limits and expense allocations.
  • The Pool has an on staff General Counsel with extensive experience in county-specific issues.
  • Pooling is a means of risk sharing among members. While pooling is not insurance, the Pool purchases insurance coverage to limit the impact of severe or frequent losses.
  • Proactive risk management and loss control activities include concentrated attention to reducing exposures related to the operation of emergency vehicles and law enforcement detention centers with an emphasis on policy and procedures.
  • Members have access free of charge to a wide range of written and video resources to assist them with establishing and implementing effective safety management programs.
Litigation management
  • It is the policy of the NCACC Liability and Property Pool to provide its Members prompt, high quality, cost effective legal representation.
  • The RMP seeks to utilize attorneys who are experts in their fields in order to provide its members the best possible defense.
  • Comprehensive guidelines have been put in place to ensure the highest standards of legal representation at the most cost efficient means.