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  • The New Asylums: There are nearly half a million mentally ill people serving time in America's prisons and jails. Have these institutions become America's new asylums?
  • The Released: What happens to the mentally ill when they leave America's prisons? Why do they return at such alarming rates? 

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Statutes and Select Legislation

  1. Obama Signs Broad, Bipartisan Mental Health, Addiction, Justice Bill

    Addiction and behavioral health highlight 21st Century Cures Act Additional Info...
  2. How Algorithms Could Help Keep People Out of Jail

    Steve Leifman knew Miami-Dade's courts had a problem. Ten years ago the longtime jurist realized that his county was putting too many people with mental health problems in jail. Additional Info...
  3. Minnesota Moves Forward on Launching Statewide Crisis Line

    The state is poised to join national trend of having a single hot line number. Additional Info...
  4. Rural America Finally Gets Mental Health Help

    People in remote areas have long lacked access to mental health services. The movement to fix that is showing signs of life. Additional Info...
  5. Why We Need to Move Away From Jailing the Mentally Ill

    Diverting low-level, nonviolent offenders into treatment saves millions of dollars and makes our streets safer. Additional Info...
  6. Amid Shortage of Psychiatric Beds, Mentally Ill Face Long Waits for Treatment

    Across the country, a critical shortage of state psychiatric beds is forcing mentally ill patients with severe symptoms to be held in emergency rooms, hospitals and jails while they wait for a bed, sometimes for weeks. Additional Info...
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