LELA Calendar of Events


The next round of Essentials of County Government will be offered in the December 2020 through February 2021 timeframe.

Workshops and Programs

Course or Program Date(s) Location Number of credits
Top 10 Primer: Your Financial Responsibilities for Local Elected Officials April 23 Online 0
Public Engagement: The Vital Leadership Skill for Difficult Times May 15 Chapel Hill 6
Top 10 Primer: What Elected Officials Need to Know about the Use of Social Media May 31 Online 0

Note: County commissioners receive a 20 percent discount on any LELA program offered through the UNC School of Government's registration platform. Learn more at www.ncacc.org/LELA.

NCACC-Sponsored Programs and Service to the Association

Course or Program Date(s) Location Number of credits
District Meeting - Wilkes County (Districts 14 & 18) April 17 Wilkesboro 3
District Meeting - Rowan County (Districts 10 & 12) April 23 Salisbury 3
District Meeting - Chatham County (Districts 9 & 11) April 25 Pittsboro 3
County Assembly Day May 8 Raleigh 6
Public Education and Tax & Finance Steering Committees May 14 Raleigh 0
NACo Annual Conference July 11-15 Las Vegas 6
NCACC 112th Annual Conference August 22-24 Greensboro 9

Membership on steering/advisory committees and task forces is worth 6 credits annually, provided certain attendance standards are met. Membership on the Board of Directors is worth 18 credits (attendance standards apply). Service as an NCACC officer is worth 24 credits.