General Government Guiding Principles

NCACC General Government Guiding Principles

As adopted by NCACC Membership on Jan. 10, 2019
  • The Association recognizes the importance of the State-County partnership and its unique role in providing services to all citizens.
  • The State should seek input from counties while developing rules and regulations that impact counties, particularly concerning property rights.
  • Local general purpose governments are the building blocks for solving regional problems; regional approaches should be based on the need to strengthen and support local governments.
  • Intergovernmental agreements should be used where appropriate to attain efficient performance, as determined by local elected officials.
  • Encourage public-private partnerships when in the best interest of the citizens.
  • Reserve federal action for those areas where state and local governments are not adequate and where continuing national involvement is necessary, e.g. national defense, provided resources are made available by the national government.
  • All local government institutions should be engaged in developing and coordinating services to meet the needs of citizens. Counties will strive to maintain and enhance these partnerships.