Health and Human Services Guiding Principles

As adopted by NCACC Membership on Jan. 24, 2013

  • The Association supports county, regional and state collaboration to improve agency automation and simplify programs, to streamline administration and to improve client interaction.
  • The Association opposes earmarking of block grant funds, and supports increased funding for mandated services, provided the increases do not require additional county expenditures.
  • Counties must be actively engaged in setting health and human services policy and program requirements. Programs should be flexible and recognize the state's changing demographics.
  • Health and human services programs should encourage responsible behavior and should be targeted to those citizens least able to care for themselves. They should encourage families to be responsible supporters of their children and help individuals find sustainable, long-term employment.
  • The State should take the lead in financing, implementing, maintaining, and supporting statewide automated systems; automation efforts undertaken by the State should connect and integrate with county automation initiatives.
  • Members of county human service agency boards should be appointed by the boards of county commissioners.