NC Risk Management Program for Sheriffs


The NC Risk Management Program for Sheriffs was born out of the Risk Management Board of Trustees’ desire to provide resources and training opportunities to help reduce law enforcement-related insurance claims.

In an effort to work collaboratively and benefit from different perspectives, a Law Enforcement Advisory Committee was established, which includes professionals from detention centers, sheriffs’ offices, and risk management departments. The Committee meets on a quarterly basis, and discusses programs and tools under development to help counties manage risk in their respective areas.

Program Includes:

  • Bridge Program: Training platform which includes more than 200 on-demand modules on topics ranging from High Risk Operations, to Supreme Court Updates, to Daily Roll Call Training for law enforcement and detention staffs. Click here to learn more.
  • Sheriff Policy Review & Audit Program: A partnership between NCACC’s Risk Management Pools and the Legal & Liability Risk Management Institute, this program assists counties in adopting accepted practices for law enforcement, detention/corrections and other areas of public safety and criminal justice. Click here to learn more.
  • Soft Body Armor Grant Program: This program reimburses counties for the purchase of soft body armor. Click here to learn more.
  • Law Enforcement Special Benefits Project: This program provides supplemental benefits for law enforcement personnel, who are injured while working off-duty for a private employer, also known as “moonlighting.” Click here to learn more.
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    Bill Halliburton

    Law Enforcement Risk Control Specialist