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NCACC Risk Management Director Michael Kelly writes a regular column on risk management for CountyLines. With more than 41 years of risk management/ insurance experience, he holds the CPCU - Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter, ARM-P - Associate in Risk Management for Public Entities, CRM - Certified Risk Manager, ARe - Associate in Reinsurance and CIC - Certified Insurance Counselor Professional Designations. He can be reached at michael.kelly@ncacc.org or (919) 719-1124.  For archives of this column click here.

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Dec 08

NCACC Cyber Liability Portal Now Available

Posted on December 8, 2014 at 9:48 AM by Chris Baucom

It seems that each week some type of cyber security breach occurs somewhere that makes the local, if not national news. This is a rapidly evolving exposure to risk that bears some serious consideration for county risk managers.

The NCACC Liability & Property Risk Pool added a Cyber Liability section to their coverages beginning this year effective July 1. Unfortunately, one county has already had a cyber-related event dealing with taxpayer personal information. Such an event was viewed with great interest by risk pool management, in that it allowed us the opportunity to test our newly established cyber claim processing protocols. To date things have proceeded as planned, and while the hassle of a breach is never pleasant, it can be mitigated to minimize the negative aspects if handled well.

It is clear that such specialized coverage is important and in fact, greatly needed in today’s rapidly changing, digitally driven workplace. In an effort to educate, illustrate and proactively prevent cyber-related claims, the Risk Pools have contracted to setup a private, web-based, loss control portal to help.

The eRisk Hub contains technical resources that can assist you in the prevention of network, cyber and privacy losses as well as provide the means for timely reporting if an incident occurs. It will provide a wealth of valuable information on all aspects of cyber risk to help you understand the exposure, put in place good cyber security practices and develop a response plan so you can efficiently and effectively recover from a data breach. 

The hub requires registration and is only available to current NCACC Risk Pool Members. If your county or entity is a pool member, we encourage you to register now in order to explore the website, which includes:

Risk Manager Tools – Regulatory guidelines, including all incident reporting rules for all 50 states
Sample cyber policies that can be used as a template for your County/Entity specifics
Vendor Due Diligence Check List - including contract for service structure guidance
Self-Assessment Tools to discover your weak points most susceptible to attack 
Notification and Public Relations Cost Calculators 
Cloud Management Risk Exposure Considerations
Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems/Organizations
The News Center - timely news on current aspects of cyber risk
The Learning Center – articles and white papers on the aspects of cyber risk

To access this information portal (eriskhub.com/ncacc.php), you must have an access code. If you are interested, please contact Kathy DeMay, Risk Pools Executive Assistant via email: kathy.demay@ncacc.org, and the necessary specific registration and login information will be provided to get you started.