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Managing your risk by Michael Kelly

NCACC Risk Management Director Michael Kelly writes a regular column on risk management for CountyLines. With more than 41 years of risk management/ insurance experience, he holds the CPCU - Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter, ARM-P - Associate in Risk Management for Public Entities, CRM - Certified Risk Manager, ARe - Associate in Reinsurance and CIC - Certified Insurance Counselor Professional Designations. He can be reached at michael.kelly@ncacc.org or (919) 719-1124.  For archives of this column click here.

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May 29

The NCACC Annual Frank Bonner Scholarship

Posted on May 29, 2013 at 10:03 AM by Chris Baucom

In writing this column, it has always been my desire to help individuals who have a myriad of responsibilities – perhaps only one of which is being the risk manager for their county.  I write it with entry-level risk managers in mind – those who are probably wearing multiple hats and are not just risk managers.  Obviously, the process of being a good risk manager is made easier through education and association with others performing the same task.  This month, I want to make our membership aware of a chance to participate in an educational opportunity offered through the Public Risk Management Association – the PRIMA Institute – at no cost to your county, courtesy of the NCACC Joint Risk Management Agency’s annual Frank Bonner Scholarship. 

Since 2004, the NCACC Joint Risk Management Agency has offered this opportunity for county staff to apply to receive additional risk management training through the Frank Bonner Scholarship Award.  This scholarship was originally setup to honor the life of Frank Bonner, a dedicated and long-serving commissioner from Beaufort County who passed away in February 2004.  Frank was a successful insurance agent in the Aurora and Washington area for many years and was instrumental in the establishment of the NCACC Risk Management Pools in the early 1980s.  He served as both a Trustee and the Chair of the NCACC’s Board of Trustees for many years.

This year, our 2013 award will pay for registration and associated necessary fees, hotel and travel expenses to attend the intense three day PRIMA Institute taking place in Milwaukee, Wisc. in November. There are actually two level program tracks available, with the 100-level program aimed at risk managers with zero to five years’ experience and the 200-level program for those with more than five years’ experience. Each program uses case studies that examine real-life scenarios which will provide examples that may be used to develop template risk management tool models by the participant on their return to their offices.  In addition, attendance will provide the chance to meet others in the field of risk management – many with years of experience and many whose only responsibility is managing risk.  Taking away a single, proven tool can reap huge rewards. For example, learning how to allocate the cost of risk down to the department level with reactive factors concentrated on the areas driving the losses would save tax dollars used to fund the purchase of insurance and help discern the best level for assumption of risk through a chosen retention.

In order to be eligible to apply and attend, applicants must be employed full-time by a county that participates in the NCACC Liability & Property Pool or the Workers’ Compensation Pool and be assigned to work at least 20 hours per week on either workers compensation and/or property and liability issues, as well as be principally responsible for their county’s risk management and/or insurance administration.  

To apply:
• Submit a written statement that addresses the following three questions: 
1. Explain what risk management responsibilities your current job description includes and outline your experience in acting as the risk manager in detail.
2. What areas of risk management would you like to enhance/develop through additional training?
3. Why do you believe you should receive this opportunity to further your risk management education?
• Submit a letter of recommendation from the County Manager that includes a statement affirming approval of the individual’s time away to attend the 2013 PRIMA Institute for three days in the first week of November.


Applicants may download and complete an application form from the NCACC Website at: http://www.ncacc.org/DocumentCenter/View/334
The application deadline is Monday, July 15.  Applications should be mailed to NCACC, Attn: NCACC Risk Management, 215 N. Dawson St., Raleigh NC 27603; faxed to (919) 719-1101 or e-mailed to RMP@ncacc.org.
Knowledge has always been a solid fulcrum to power.  Here is an opportunity to gain some of both.